Sunday, February 9, 2014

I'd Probably Have A Higher Opinion

of Bible-Bangers is they had a better understanding of their religion.  Here's an example I found this morning in the AJCs The Vent:
Animals were not put on this earth to "feed and clothe" us. They were put here for companionship and only became part of the diet after the flood destroyed all vegetation. Catch up on your history.
This all started when someone bitched about Joe Namath wearing a fur coat at the Super Bowl. Then someone else mentioned that animals were put on earth to feed and clothe us. Then today there was the above comment which remarkably got voted down to the bottom. I say remarkably because it is Georgia after all!! Even I know the above comment is pure BULLSHIT and I haven't read the bible, just the parts I needed to read to be confirmed* as a Lutheran when I was in high school. (After learning more about religion I became a Born-Again Agnostic.) When Adam and Eve got kicked out of the garden is when they stopped being Vegans and felt the need for clothing.

Also this morning one of my bible-banging relatives posted  something on facebook by some sky-pilot saying paying taxes are bad. Something about the king wanting more taxes and all more taxes does is the rich get poorer and the poor get poorer. The only one that gets richer is the king. 
Now, we don't have a king, but in any case what happened to Heysus (one definition is King of Kings, does that mean not to pay taxes [tithe] to this king also??) telling everyone to render unto Caesar what is Caesar's. In other words if the government demands taxes be paid it's your obligation to pay them, or is he saying that because the church doesn't have to pay any taxes its members don't have to pay taxes either. The fucking ironic part of this is my ignoramus relative doesn't pay any income taxes because he is on disability and disability income is exempt from tax. Now, who better to pay taxes than those that can afford to pay versus those that can't??

When did the church side with the rich? I seem to remember lots of passages that talk about helping the poor and none about helping the rich. I guess when the kings and the rich got religion the church started to side with them, but in that case why be against paying taxes to the king????? It doesn't make any fucking sense and that's why I have such a low opinion of religions in general!!

*The only reason I had to go to conformation classes and be confirmed was because when my dad was a kid in Finland you had to be confirmed in the church in order to do a lot of things. Besides getting married, you needed to be confirmed to be able to testify in court and in order to get a good job!! That's just a couple of things that required confirmation in the church, there were others, but I haven't really gone looking for what all there was.


  1. K,
    Without taxes who keeps US 41 in Baraga County free of snow? Who pays for the schools in Marquette that educates our children, who pays for that Coast Guard icebreaker out in the big lake keeping the ore boats moving?
    I am not an agnostic but as I have written on in my blog - I think Genesis is total fucking bullshit based on legends and myth and imbelished more by scribes over the centuries. I firmmly believe that a man named Abraham existed - the Dead Sea Scrolls are revealing more and more.
    As to Jesus - I believe that he existed also - there is too much ancient writings to discount this not being true. However, the details leave me sceptical...

    Maybe OB has the right mindset - become a Buddhist. I already have both the belly and the nickname...

    Good post!

    33 here - lgt snow this AM. Did Hooters for liquid lunch.

    Time for another beer!


  2. In agreement. However, you are applying logic and intelligence to a silly ass myth perpetrated by a corrupt hierarchy whose aim is control of the masses. There is no logic to it beyond that.

  3. Last year I read where someone came up with the theory that the Romans created the myth in order to form a competing religion to try and control the Jews. This was based on old Roman records.

  4. Organized religion has always aligned itself with the rich (read those who have the power). That is one of the major reasons I hate organized religion so much. The words and slogans they sell as sacred are nothing more than lip service, smoke and mirrors so they can continue to hold onto their power.

    Believe in God maybe, but sure as Hell don't trust your preacher.

  5. I can't read the bible cuz it insults my thinker.

    A government is just another way of being a king, only in a sneaky way.

    But I paid my share of taxes until I retired, and still do in some ways being as I live in a sales tax state. Not to mention all the other hidden taxes.

  6. As to Jesus - I believe that he existed also.

    At least in name, to this day you can find men with the name of Jesus, and most of them will sit at a campfire with you and drink until they are shit faced. :-)

  7. You guys should read Reza Aslan's Zealot. It's worth the read.


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