Saturday, February 8, 2014

Roadside Memorial

Three years ago Georgia started offering state approved memorials (for a $100 fee for the sign) to put at accident sites along highways. They thought the makeshift roadside memorials people were putting up at accident sites where someone died were distracting and a safety hazard.

Last Wednesday a member of PETA in Atlanta filed a request to have a memorial placed at the scene of a crash near Gainesville, GA between a car and a truck carrying chickens. Neither driver was seriously injured but dozens of chickens died.

Normally a member of the family is the one to make the request, but no relatives of the deceased chickens are still around to file the request.


  1. I would think signs mourning dead chickens might be better placed outside the local KFCs.

  2. Recall seeing a lot of crosses along the roads when I was young.

  3. To me it's a more recent thing, like only in the last 20-30 years.

  4. When I was a kid they were just plain white crosses, a reminder to be careful I guess, these days they are more fancy. Back then there wasn’t much for freeways, dad took us to S.L.C. once a year and on those old two lane roads we would see maybe a couple hundred of them during the trip.

  5. Most of the trip was from northern to southern Idaho, maybe the state put them up where these days family or loved ones do it.


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