Tuesday, February 4, 2014

More Super Bowl

Third time's a charm. Tried to embed (or is that imbred) this from The Colbert Report and from Crooks and Liars with no luck. Finally got the code to work from Daily Kos. Below is a behind the scenes look at the Coke ad.

H/T to Daily Kos for the videos.


BBC said...

I didn't watch the game but did make a ten dollar bet with Harry, and I won.

Those two Tesla's made it across the states in 76 hours, not bad at all for electric cars.

mohave rat said...

since I know for a fact that not getting a response to your comments pisses you off, if you think I am whining and seeking praise why don't you and all your upper peninsula friends kiss my ass!

Kulkuri said...

Rat, I'm not about to get in a pissing contest with you. You ain't worth the effort.

As for "kissing your ass", break out the chalk and mark the spot, you're all ass!!

BBC said...

I'll give Seattle credit for one thing, the parade yesterday went off pretty peacefully compared to how those things go in some cities.

Cuz we're cultured, and all that shit. :-)

Kulkuri said...

Agreed, Seattle has got culture coming out of its ass.

Not only that, people in Seattle are generally nice.