Friday, March 18, 2016


Last night I was thinking (and ya it hurt) about what if Bernie or Hillary don't win in November. That would leave one of the two left in the running on the dark side. Of the two I think Trump would do less damage to the country and the people. For one thing he wouldn't have very much support in Congress. No Democrats would help him and very few FuckingRepublican'ts would back him.

With Trump it would be, Sure I'm going to fuck you, but it's not personal, it's just business. I guess that could make it a little less painful, while he wouldn't use lube, at least he wouldn't throw sand in the mix!!

About the only true thing his campaign has put out. HE IS THE GREATER EVIL!!

This is true, Rafael Cruz is not the lesser evil, he is the greater evil. He would consider himself anointed by god to be President, so anything he did would have divine approval. He would think god told him to do it and he's got this Jesus boner, so he has to fuck you!!


  1. I agree. Ted Cruz is probably the most far right candidate to ever run for President in the United States.

    Trump's scary because you don't know what he'll do. Cruz is scary because you know exactly what he is going to do.

  2. You called it 100%. Trump is an unknown. Cruz is a deadly serious fanatic who BELIEVES.

  3. I agree with your 100% - Trump is a moron, but we have had morons before.. recently. Cruz, however, is a hard core fundamentalist Christian and those people are scary. Sharia law Christian stile could be as bad as Muslim Sharia law. The United States is already in danger of becoming a theocracy. Don't forget every speech ends in God Bless America - and it is on our money. Anti-abortion, homophobia, femalefobia... almost all bigotry in this country has a Christian following.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  4. Nothing I could add to the previous comments would make a difference. You nailed it. Theocracies are the scariest forms of government and Cruz would take us there in a heartbeat.

  5. Don't you have a fishing pole?

  6. I'm thinking I don't care who the next preznut is.


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