Monday, January 16, 2012

It Was a Good News, Bad News Sorta Day

Last Thursday I bought a new fuel pump for my Jeep plowtruck.  Figured the pump may be bad when even tho it is dripping oil wherever it goes the level in the crankcase was up past the full mark.  Also had lousy fuel milage altho it's hard to tell as the gas guage doesn't work and haven't really paid attention to the mileage when I'm plowing snow.  Anywho, yesterday it got up into the mid-20s, so thought it was warm enough to work on the truck bare-handed.  Got the new pump installed and was able to push some snow around.  We paid the county for driveway plowing(in this county they still do driveway plowing), so didn't have to worry about being snowed in while the truck was down.  I use the truck to plow areas the county doesn't plow like where The Old Lady's car and my pickup are parked.  Getting the Jeep running again was the good news even tho it wasn't fun doing the work.

The picture was taken when I plowed the driveway the first time.  The snowbanks are much bigger now.  Also it's much easier to plow now that things have frozen and it's colder.  When I plowed the first time the ground under the snow wasn't frozen and the plow would want to dig in and it was around the freezing point so the snow was very slippery.  Got stuck many times where the tires would just spin in place.

Picture taken while plowing snow after the first major snowfall back in Nov.
The bad news was my Packers lost to the Fucking Giants.(Spent several years one summer in New York and can't stand any of their teams because of arrogance of the sportscasters on the New York TV stations!!)


  1. I want to do a trip back up there during the two weeks of Summer...



  2. I'm so sorry about the pack...our teams broke our hearts this year(mine yet again)...and that snow is so

  3. No thanks, Yoop... just looking at that mess and thinking about working on a Jeep in 20 degree weather makes my fingers hurt. Sorry, but I'd move in a heartbeat before I'd live in the frozen tundra...

  4. Looks cold. We need a truck with a plow like that for our cabin. The town doesn't plow our gravel road so even if the temperature was warm enough to have running water there we probably couldn't get up there once there is enough snow! Sorry about the Giants beating your Packers... I agree about the announcers, we watched the game on mute - and we live near the Giants and were rooting for them! :-)


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