Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pack Your Bags

There's an old joke about a guy winning the lottery, calling his wife and telling her, "Pack your bags.  I won the lottery."  She says, "Where are we going?  I've always wanted to see London or Paris or Rome.  So, where are we going?"  He says, "I don't give a fuck where you go.  Like I said, pack your bags, I won the lottery!!"

Yesterday I got to tell The Old Lady, "Pack your bags, I won the lottery!!"  Which is what I tell her every time I win, altho this time I won only $6.

Powerball is about to jack up the price for a ticket.  They are doubling the price from $1 to $2.  I've been spending that amount because I pay another buck for the powerplay which increases the payout on the lower amounts by a number drawn after they draw the powerball numbers.  I doubt if I'll do the powerplay because all it will do is double the prize.  Now the powerplay can be from 2 to 5 times.


  1. Yeah, they pissed me off. Of all the things that don't need to get sucked up in inflation, this is on top of the list. I'm switching to Mega Bucks, motherfuckers!

  2. $6? That would buy enough gas to get me to where? Amasa? Trout Creek?

  3. $6 ?....I could buy a skunk egg and a Dublin Dr Pepper...hell, that's high cotton.

  4. 6 bucks huh? You better help Nan unpack. Where the hail (that's "hell" fer you yankees:P) is she goin' on 6 bucks? To the bathroom to laugh it off?:)

    Then you better pray like ole Perry that SHE never wins big.:P

  5. Kulkuri,
    Playing the ponies at least gives you choices. Has the old Colonel (Kentucky) had a deby winner in years? No.
    DiD I buy a Hoosier Lotto and a Powerball at the glass bank when I replenished the beer supply today?
    The powerball cost doesn't go up until the 15th...


  6. Why does everyone think I would give my lottery winnings to The Old Lady?? She's always saying she won't get far on my winnings, and I always say what makes her think she's going to get the money. Altho if I were to hit the jackpot, I'd let her travel with me!!

  7. I'll make up the difference for Nan to get enough gas to get here, tell her to pack a shovel and a bunch of seeds.


    I've never bought a powerball ticket, I just stick with the state lotto, when I buy them.


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