Monday, January 23, 2012

Disconnected Maybe??


  1. I think the President is going to focus on this very issue tomorrow night - I can see it right here in Eagle Creek, Indiana - meduim to low income housing in one area and mansions in the other. The GOP is quick to cry of "class warfare". Well, isn't that what is going on?
    Millionaires pay less taxes than their employees. Is that right?

    Talk about raising taxes on the rich and the Republicans scream about "job killing". Yes, while people like Romney sock away major bucks in the Caymen Islands.

    Fuck em.
    Get your ass out there and scream and fukin yell! And, by damn, vote!


  2. Yeah, well, Mitt does his own laundry! He's got perspective, dontcha know?

  3. I'm not keen on a lot of folks getting two hundred bucks a month in food stamps after all the things I've seen while working around these so called poor folks.

    Too damn many of them are just bottom feeders.

  4. wonder if President Obama will be able to stop laughing long enough to tell us what's up.?


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