Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Political Ads Have Begun

I had hoped because we are watching TV online that we would be spared the political ads.  No such luck!!  Last night while watching a show on Hulu this ad came on.  Was wondering about the "Secretive Billionaires" that were running ads against Obama as hadn't seen any ads up to that point.

Then  later while still watching the same show, this ad came on.  It is financed by the Kochsuckers and full of lies.  aWol wanted to fast-track the loans to Solyndra back in 2005, but the loans didn't go through until 2009.  There was more money invested by FuckingRepublicans than by Democrats, but why bother mentioning pesky facts like that in this "Post-Truth Era"???

It was bad enough when watching online to have to put up with ads from cable companies, insurance companies("mayhem," the gecko, Flo), Disney etc.  Now looks like we will be subjected to political ads too!!


  1. Tis the season...
    The big thing we must do is not only hold the White House but gain seats in both the House and gain seats in the Senate. I see Warren (Mass) and Sanchez (Tx) as pretty much sure things.

    The House - I expect the baggers to get hit hard. What did you accomplish except for voting "No"?

    Ask that question and demand an answer - reaffirming "In God We Trust" isn't a right answer..


  2. After her death I posted a YouTube tribute to Etta James on my blog and on each video you had to run through a Romney appeal for money before the song. Immediately after her death the Romney people had coopted her clips with their advertisement - talk about cold and heartless and contriving...
    the Ol'Buzzard


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