Thursday, January 5, 2012


That thought balloon pretty much sums up Romney's campaign this go-round, "Money can't buy me love!!"


  1. damn, I just stole that from jobsanger...

  2. Mister one-percent twenty four times.

  3. Kulkuri,

    Mitt Romney has some serious problems - Chief among them is his religion- 20% of Republicans polled stated that they would not support a Mormon for president. Then, he refuses to make public his tax return which will likely show him as a member of the 1%. Secondly, it is widely known that Obama health care reform is based upon Romney-Care. The Republicans hate Obama-Care - and oppose it due to the money they are taking from the health care and insurance industry.
    Will they gather around Santorum instead? That is yet to be seen - I hope so. Obama will kill the wing nut asshole.

    Ron Paul and the Donald are also factors..


  4. Ain't nothing going to get fixed no matter who you put in the orifice.

    Just play it out the best you can to the end.


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