Monday, November 23, 2009

Transmission Woes

Picture taken in Oct, not last summer.

Last summer UP on the Tundra I had my neighbor and his son rebuild the transmission in my pickup. When the transmission was taken apart, this is what was found .

It looks like at least 1/8 of an inch or more wore off as the two pieces rubbed against each other.
The picture above shows the part in two pieces. The part is supposed to be one single piece like the picture below where I placed the broken piece where it should be.

I had ordered what we thought was all the parts needed to rebuild the transmission, but when this was found, wound up ordering more parts, this one and a couple of others that were damaged by the metal shavings from the broken parts rubbing together.

The problem I had with the truck is that the transmission would overheat in stop & go city traffic or construction zones on the highway. Also it had poor acceleration and was getting to where it didn't want to back up and would not spin the tires in either direction. While city driving caused problems, I could drive long distances on the Interstates and highways with little or no problem. After the first problem with the transmission in city driving, I drove almost 700 miles to Tejas with no problem and back again. Had more incidents with overheating in city traffic in Hot-Lanta (some want to ban using the term Hot-Lanta, but they are only talking heads on one radio station). Because it didn't overheat at highway speeds, decided to try and make it UP to the Tundra, so my neighbor could fix it. I would rather give him the money than get ripped off by a repair shop.

Now the truck performs like it did when I bought it. (The performance still sucks, but not as bad as it did before the transmission was rebuilt.) Before it wouldn't spin the tires on dirt even if I power-braked it. Now, I don't need to push the accelerator pedal down as far on take off.


  1. when i was 17 i rebuilt a transmission with only a motor manual for help...i did all the work on my cars trucks, etc. up until about 5 years ago when i said i was too fucking old to crawl under the truck..

  2. I usually do my own repair work on my vehicles, but automatic transmissions are one thing I am not that familar with, so I had my neighbor who is an expert and has all the equipment (including a lift to put the truck in the air to take the tranny out)needed for the work do it. As for repair manuals, I'm thinking of doing a post on them.

    Besides, the money I paid him stimulated his economy (recession you know).


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