Monday, November 2, 2009

Perfect Present??

I think I found the perfect present for The Old Lady!!!

The Old Lady doesn't like snowmobiles for several reasons. 1. They are noisy 2. They are smelly 3. They shit beer cans!!!! That is three of her top reasons.

I had snowmobiles back before they became winter crotch rockets. Anyone who says you don't get any exercise on a snowmobile has never got bogged down in deep snow. Which is why I gave up on them, they would not go in snow like I would have liked. They got so you could only use them on a packed trail or a road and what's the point of that???

11-3-09 Added a link to which has a couple of pictures of this trap. On the sidebar there are local motels listed, but not the one in the town where the trap is, they are all in the two towns 6-7 miles up the road.


  1. Snow Machines don't bother me. But I have to say I would have appreciated that picture more if an ATV was in its jaws.

  2. I live in Texas I don't think I've ever seen one here...

  3. I've never been on one, but that is surprising...I thought they'd go anywhere. Liking MRMacrum's idea!

  4. I had one for a while in the 70's, they are okay in some ways but I don't know about busting trail in deep snow on one, never did that.

    The most fun to have with it was to run it around on the grass after a rain while enjoying a few beers.

    Never have owned an ATV, if I was ever going to it should have been the year I lived in Arizona or the time in Utah when I owned 60 acres and there was lots of other open country around me.

  5. Sounds like some interesting reasons there. I've never even been on one, but would like the challenge. A case of the mind is willing and the body says "you're a fool!"


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