Sunday, May 5, 2013

Format For Jehovah's


  1. Some of those women are pretty sexy, if one of those god loving gals knocks on your door ask her if she wants to have sex with god. I don't think she'll be back.

  2. Whoa..... I knew Jehovah had an agenda....jus dinna know he had a format, too! makes me wanna get out my white shirt and black tie and hand me out some platelets.course, the Doc said my platelets aren't so good. Something about my blood being poor. I mean I knew I was poor, but not my blood. But if Scott Walker opens up that there iron mine maybe I can get some for my blood, and then I'll be ok. Say, brother, have you heard the word, yet? I got this here 'Clock Tower' book and it explains all about the second coming of Jesus and how we best buy some guns and stuff cause the AnaChrist will be following him and theys all infidelities and all. Say, I'm not keeping you from anything, am I? "Golly that is one spiffy format you got for your door. Praise Jesus, hey, can I bother you for a glass of water? this blog to blog preaching is thirsty stuff.

  3. Greet them at the door in just your skivies...

    They won't be back.
    Dad proved that.


  4. Friend of mine was wearing a t-shirt that said "You call me a bitch like it is a bad thing". they didn't come back either.


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