Friday, May 31, 2013

She's a Good Fifty Footer

 Took the car out of storage (the barn) the other day and yesterday washed it. I really need to get to work on this car and fix it up so I can drive it. When I do get it fixed up, I can use this license plate on the front to register it. The car and plate are '65.
First thing I need to do is weld patches in the floorboards to keep small varmints from shitting on the seats.

Also need to do an engine swap as it is wore out. Have to change plugs every few hundred miles because they get oil fouled. I have another car with a 318 that should be a bolt in swap with a few minor changes like the exhaust manifolds. The engine is a '79 so will run on unleaded with no problems. Had to use lead substitute when I last ran it back in the '90s.

The car used to be basically rust-free with some minor dings and dents, but now is rusting through in various places. I didn't post pictures of the bad spots as I didn't want to show how bad the rust is. But if you look close at the lower rear quarter panel behind the rear wheel, you'll see the rust. That's not dirt causing the color. The other side is worse, there is actually a spot where the rust has made a hole behind the read wheel.


  1. The older cars were great. We worked on them to keep the running. The new cars are all generic. I don't forsee people in the future restoring these. For one thing no normal human can work on them.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  2. Right, it's a 1965 Plymouth Valiant Barracuda Special.

  3. Damn, I had forgotten you own that car, it's been a while since you posted about it. I've seen worst rust.

    The 318 should slip right in but I suggest you install new valve seals before doing so, if you get around to doing it at all.

    You don't need to change the plugs in the current engine every few hundred miles because of oil fouling.

    Run a hose from the windshield water pump the carb and push water in to clean the plugs while you drive, no shit, I've done it before.

    No more than you'll ever drive it that may be all you need.

  4. Love the car. Hope you get it running to your satisfaction.
    Told my oldest daughter when she was still in highschool about 20 years ago that if she wanted dozens of young men panting into the phone for her to put an ad in the paper: 66 Mustang for sale Baby blue. Mint.


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