Saturday, May 11, 2013

Will This Shit Ever End??????

Some flowers have come up, but the snow has knocked them down. Once the snow melts they should perk up.

 We had bare ground around the parking area until this morning when it got covered with white shit again.
My little trailer that was almost buried in snow until recently. A few days ago I noticed that it had fallen onto its wheels, but there is still too much snow to get it out of there so I can use it. My first project for it will be hauling firewood and I can't do that until all of the ground is bare and dry. The other day The Old Lady bought an apple tree. She plans on planting it close to where this trailer is, about twenty feet from it and there is still over a foot of snow on the ground.

Update: 5/12/'13 The new snow melted during the course of the day and then yesterday evening it started snowing again. This morning there was 2-3 inches of more snow. It's a bitch trying to plant stuff when you have to first scrape the snow out of the way before you can dig a hole in the ground.


  1. Went Alaska REMOTE to get away from KI Sewer AFB....

    But for the record - The U.P. is beaitiful and largely prestine.
    Cold damned water - freeze your nuts off in waders fly fishing...


  2. Best spring ever here, and no snow last winter, life is okay here in that respect.

    A man got pissed and moved a neighbors home and smashed his truck with his skidder yesterday but at least we have something new to talk about with our beers.

    There's talk of making him the president of the Neighborhood Improvement Association. Hahahahaha

  3. Spring came to Saskatchewan and Abakan Siberia so it will come to UP too...someday.


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