Saturday, May 18, 2013

Funny How The Mind Works

Yesterday I went to the graveside services for my cousin. Most of the time during the goings on I was thinking about this song. There were a couple of guys off to the side waiting for everything to be done. One guy was from the vault company and the other was the guy that dug the grave.

Because he was a Navy veteran there was an honor guard and firing squad from the local American Legion. The thing that bothered me was there was more mention of god in practically everything said by those in the veterans group than by the minister that gave a service after they were done.

Didn't really get to see him planted. The coffin was sitting on the thing for lowering it on what was probably the vault off to one side of the grave. I guess they were going to lower the coffin into the vault and then pick it up with the hoist on the truck and lower it into the grave.

His truck is long gone, but he died back in January and the ground was covered with snow, so they had to wait until now for the burial. Actually we've been speculating on how long it'll take his widow to sell the house and build another fucking church in Africa!!

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  1. I hate funerals...I am not going to my own. I have asked to be cremated the same day. I would like my young wife to put my ashes in a douche bag and send me through one more time - but that's probably not going to happen.
    the Ol'Buzzard


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