Tuesday, September 30, 2008


On the way back from the tundra last week, the Old Lady made a deal for our Retirement Home. Last year we went from a 2br house to a 1br apt. Looks like in a couple of years we will go to a small travel trailer (18-20ft single axle). At least it's not so small you have to step outside to change your mind.

I guess the plan is that we will live in it while volunteering at National Parks. That will give us something to do in our retirement.

I'm going to retire next year, only I haven't figured out what I will retire from!! I haven't had a real job in a long time and so I won't have any problem transitioning to retirement.

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  1. Oh, I remember you. A travel trailer is one home that is pretty much earthquake proof being as the tires and springs take up a lot of the shocks. As long as it doesn't move around and bump into something.

    I posted recently about national parks, they need the help and it's a great way to spend your life, I wish you luck with that.





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