Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer UP On The Tundra

Summer has finally arrived UP on the tundra. I have been able to leave the parka in the house when I go outside and can even go out in a t-shirt except for the nasty biting flies of various types and sizes.

When the switch to digital happened, I wasn't able to get any channels. I bought a signal amplifier and that didn't help. Then I cut down a tree and I got three, channel 13, channel 13 and channel 13. The PBS channel now had three channels 13.1, 13.2, and 13.3. I cut down more trees hoping to get more channels and to get a stronger signal on the one that was coming in. Instead of getting a better signal, it now comes and goes. I probably need to raise my antenna higher as there is a hill next to my place in the direction of the TV stations' transmitter.

On the other hand, I have found a couple of new radio stations. The one from Thunder Bay, Ont. (across the big Gitchee Gummee) comes in better than the one that is only about 40 miles away.


  1. How inappropriate of me - I laughed at the cutting down trees to get a t.v. signal part. My liberal license will be revoked if word gets out about that, right?

  2. I'm having computer problems but you already know that. But I still struggle alone the best I can.

    When the switch to digital happened, I wasn't able to get any channels.

    Means nothing to me, I never turn on a TV unless I want to watch a movie. It isn't hooked up to anything but a VCR and DVD player.

    The fucking internet is a much better way to get the news, and it isn't pretty.

    You may have a good place up there to hide, stock up on firewood. Well, and insulate it better so you are not using so much firewood.

    I've built a propane heater for the 5th wheel that is really efficient, unless it is on high you don't feel any heat coming out of the exhaust at all.

    Enjoy the summer, it's sure been nice here so far.

  3. http://blog.mlive.com/beentheredonethat/2009/06/build_your_own_hdtv_antenna.html

    this is where you can go to learn how to make the antena(for inside the house) and it's easy peasy...coat hangers, screws and a couple of boards.
    really...a couple of my friends have made them and they work perfect.

  4. At least dey have one PBS station, eh? Da best TV I every saw up in da UP was CBC from over ta Canada.

    Who has time for TV anyway? Ya gotta swat flies, drink cold beer from ofen da back porch, and talk about how glad ya are to not be down south.

  5. Well, you have a nice supply of firewood now. Good luck with the reception.

  6. The Cherry and Popple were cut up into firewood and the Spruce and Balsam were peeled to be used as studs to build a woodshed next year.

    As for the TV reception, it comes and goes. During a heavy rain there is no signal and at other times it may or may not be a strong enough signal. Next year I will raise the antenna either by adding another length of pipe or moving it up the hill and getting more coax.


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