Monday, August 17, 2009

Digital TV Update

Last Friday I found another signal and now have a total of 5 channels. Before I had 3 channels of PBS and now I also have CW and ABC. After the switch to digital, I did autoscan a few times with the antenna turned in the approximate direction trying get channel 5 with no success. Judging by their website, the reason I couldn't get their signal was because it wasn't there. Yesterday morning was kinda foggy and yucky and then became windy and the signal was breaking up. Most of the time I had a picture, but the sound would come and go. So, I made some more firewood as there were some trees within about 50 feet of my antenna and in the direction the antenna was pointing. Not sure if that helped or not, only time will tell.

Scanning for channels with my converter box was not easy. I was able to figure out how to do autoscan, but manual scanning wouldn't work. Nowhere in the book that came with the box did it say to scan manually that after you select a channel you have to press OK. I figured that out accidentally.

The problem is that when the weather is such that I don't feel like being outside, the signal is hit and miss. It's a good thing I have DVD's and tapes.

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  1. My TV is hooked up to a DVD player, I never turn it on unless I'm going to watch a movie or something.

    I have cable here but only for the Internut.


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