Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Who Says Finns Don't Have A Sense Of Humor??

Back in the nineties, one of the early search engines was WebCrawler. Turns out it is still around. Now it runs searches using Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask. Back in the mid-nineties Timo Metsälä (at least that is the name of the owner of the domain name) developed a search engine for Finnish websites called "Hämähäkki". Hämähäkki is Finnish for spider and a spider is a webcrawler. I happened to stumble across this while playing around on the Intratubes in the late nineties, while on dialup no less.

Recently I wondered if either one was still around and what info could I find on them. I found the info above fairly easily, but when I tried to use the links on the info page about Hämähäkki, I got a page in Finnish saying "Page Not Found". When I tried typing it in where the url goes, I got a web page for a used book store in Helsinki.

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