Monday, October 18, 2010

The New Apartment's Amenities

We finally got moved into our new apartment. How long it will take to figure out where to put everything is anybody's guess.

Below is a picture of the circuit breaker box door with the list of the breakers. As you can see the place has some modern amenities, like it's wired for "Drayer and Ranger", also "Dishwashor and Fornace".

What I'm wondering is; what kind of Ranger is it, Texas Ranger or Lone Ranger??


  1. That's funny, I hope they were better at wiring than spelling.

    I'll be darn, cats love boiled coon, I wonder if they would like roasted coon.

    Maybe dogs like them also, it may be a dog eat coon world and in hard times that's a good thing if you want to keep your dog, or cats.


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