Monday, September 17, 2012

You're Fucked

Stolen from YellowDogGranny


This one shows that there is still hope. Maybe we're not quite so fucked.

Thank you Frothy Boy for stating the obvious!!!!!!!!!!


  1. No one helps you after you're fucked? Well fuck, are you so helpless that you can't dress yourself?

  2. Yellowdog posts some pretty good stuff, but she has a problem with something, reality.

    She seems to have a problem with the fact that we all fucking die.

  3. BBC, as Foghorn Leghorn said, "I say, I say, that's a joke son!!!"

  4. I loves you Ray and Nan...but I can't come over here any more..BBC still comes over to my blog spewing hate and viciousness..he used Elanor's obituary to comment about how no one cares if she fucking dies or not, we'll all I feel like I'm encouraging him by going to the same places..maybe if he doesn't see my name or comments he'll leave me the fuck alone..I doubt it because I think he's a sick and twisted person...and anyone that uses the death of a woman who was married to the same man for 56 years, raised her children and was loved and admired by all to spew his hatred, gets no encouragement from me.


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