Monday, June 9, 2014

Another Fix On The Motorhome

Last fall I put some gas with Sta-Bil in it into the motorhome and ran it for awhile as part of the winterization process. After shutting it down I noticed there was gas on the bottom of the gas tank. Didn't get around to working on the problem then. During the winter I started it up and moved it. I noticed that it looked like someone had pissed under the motorhome. There was a yellow stain in the snow where it had sat with the engine running. After the snow was gone I crawled under and figured out the leak was on top of the tank. Finally figured out the leak was in the return line as it only leaked when the engine was running.

This was the culprit, the fitting on one end was leaking. 
I thought I'd have to drop the tank to get at the problem, but while working on removing the tank I saw there was enough room between the frame and the floor of the motorhome for me to reach the line. I took the rear wheels off and was able to gain access.

This is where the leak was.
I wasn't able to get a replacement line at the parts store, but I was able to get the parts I needed to make a new line. After installing the line and running it there were no leaks, so I guess it's good to go!!


  1. In an Alaskan campground an older motor home parked next to us. The next morning the woman got up to light the cook stove and the motor home exploded - LP gas leak. It blew out the window on our RV and dented the door. We were lucky to not be near the window or we would have received serious injury. The woman was med-evacuated with burns over ninety percent of her body.

    Be sure and have your LP system pressure checked.

    the Ol'Buzzard

  2. Well, that was simple enough.


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