Tuesday, October 25, 2016

One Of My Projects Before Winter

I moved the carport to cover the travel trailer. That's the only way to keep the roof on the trailer from leaking, by putting a roof over it.

Work in progress, I got this end closed in and only need to put metal up on the other gable end.
Because I won't be here to remove the snow off the roof this winter I decided I needed to reinforce the roof. The frames for the carport are a little over 4 feet apart and I figure with the amount of snow we get the roof panels could sag from the weight of the snow. I put 2x4s between the frames to support the sheetmetal panels.

Hopefully I put enough 2x4s to reinforce the roof. 
Notice how little room there is to work.

The hard part was working over the trailer as there wasn't a lot of room to work. If I had been putting the carport up for the first time I would have put the 2x4s in before putting the metal on, but I had already assembled it a couple years ago to put my boats in. That meant I had to get the screws back in the same holes again.

The metal I'm using to close in the gable ends is from a 12x60 mobile home we used to have. I dismantled it 10 years ago. The metal is aluminum, but the price for scrap aluminum hasn't been high enough where I felt it was worth the gas to haul it to a salvage yard!! So I have been using pieces for a couple projects. This is one and I covered the end wall on the barn with the aluminum. The barn used to be twice as long, but my brother tore down the haybarn part 55 years ago and the end wall was bare boards. I used lumber wrap and aluminum to cover it and stop the cold winds from coming thru the wall.


  1. I feel as though I should know what "Randy Quaid trailer" means. I haven't seen all of the Vacation movies, so I'll assume it has something to do with one of them.

  2. Other problem spots I can think of are the ridge (and its angle), any sheet seams not properly supported and the fact that the roof might hold up even better if the sheets were the other way around so that snow and ice would slide down more easily. Actually, come to think of it, the supports would work better perpendicular to the grooves, because the sheets bend more easily in that direction.
    I'm sure it'll hold, though.

  3. worrying about snow...sigh* I'm just hoping for below 90 temps.


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