Thursday, March 8, 2018

Another New Confuser

Got my new confuser Tuesday. The old one only lasted 7 years and died last fall. The hard drive is still good, but the BIOS is corrupted (hope the current administration didn't have anything to do with it, but then again they are blaming Obama for everything bad so I can blame tRump).

The new confuser. It's got a SSD with only half the memory of the old one, but hopefully faster.

Now I'm going thru a learning curve because the old one was Windows 7 and this one is Windows 10. Something as simple as downloading picture (see above) from the camera card was interesting.

We have been using a notebook with Windows 10, but somethings seem to be different between the two confusers. Maybe it's because the notebook has Windows 10 and the new confuser has Windows 10 Pro. I got a hunch I'll be confused for some time and asking The Old Lady how to do stuff while I figure out how to use this thing.

Now I best get busy with this thing, those porn sites aren't going to bookmark themselves!!

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