Friday, October 23, 2009

Driveway Signs

At our place UP on the Tundra, AKA "The Ranch", we would have a problem with a lot of traffic coming in starting in September. That is when various hunting seasons start (bear, archery deer and small game otherwise known as "bird season".) I know those driving into our place were hunting, the question is what were they hunting, small game or bear or deer or whatever they could lay their grubby little hands on. And later in the year we would have people coming in to steal Xmas trees, once it was a Sunday School teacher with his class. (A local bank vice-president who after he moved to another town was caught embezzling from his bank.)

Anywho, I decided to put up a sign to let people know it was private property. I think it was The Old Lady that got the sign and I had a metal post to put it on. I put it next to the road at about where the property line is, where the county road ends and my driveway begins. Never noticed any less traffic, in fact, there might have been an increase.

Since the first sign didn't solve the problem, decided to put up another sign, the one below.

That didn't even slow them down. For a time I thought about getting a sign from the Gempler's catalog that said in Spanish, "Caution these monkeys bite" in case they couldn't read Inglais.
Instead I made my own sign and at first used some small poles to make a tri-pod and attached the sign to it and placed it in the middle of the road. The sign is below and all three are now on the same signpost.

After putting the sign in the middle of the road, I found out it wasn't that they couldn't read, it was that they didn't know how to back up their vehicles. I found tracks where they had turned around on the one lane driveway!!
Later I attached my hand painted sign to the signpost, and it seems to be known over quite a wide area. Sometimes when I give directions to my place, I'll hear, "That the place with the Stay The ____ Out sign??" Also, I don't think we have been bothered by Jehovah's since I put up the last sign.
This Summer The Old Lady said I should cut down the weeds that were growing up and hiding the bottom sign, the one saying Stay******Out. Most of the stuff growing in front of the sign were blackberry vines and if the moose don't eat them I may get some blackberries next year, so I left them alone and besides most people know about the sign and stay out now.


  1. nice! its amazing what effect a nice straightforward message can have on people.

  2. I once had the same problem with a (very) unwanted mother in law. I found that a six board with spikes driven thru it, then buried with the spikes upright, in the dirt. Heap (very loose dirt) over the spikes so they don't show.......

    Just one application worked wonders.:)

  3. I live at the end of a clearly marked private road, and still the JW's keep showing up once in a while.

    It's kinda funny watching them scramble back to their cars when my German shepherd (never on a leash) greets them.

    "Good girl," I tell Lucy Jean.

  4. Yesiree...puttin one on my front door, just for the JW's. On the other hand, it may just give them more impetus to save my old ass. I'll let you know.


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