Sunday, May 16, 2010

Snake Bite Kit

Towards the end of '83 we were moving from Reno to back UP on the Tundra. The first stop for the night was in Wendover, UT. We ate breakfast at the Red Garter Casino in Wendover, NV as the Motel 6 didn't do breakfast(this was before any motel chain did breakfast). As a souvenir I bought this Snake Bite Kit. It lived for many years in the glove compartment of my vehicle(never know when you might get bit by a snake) and then finally migrated to a dresser drawer where I ran across it recently.

The Snake Bite Kit contains Pain Killer and a Tourniquet. As you can see the Pain Killer is a small bottle of Vodka and the Tourniquet is a Red Garter.
Below is a more recent photo of the sign for the casino. When I googled it, I found several things relating to the Red Garter Casino. Some good, some not so good, there were comments about the hotel part where some were happy with it as a cheap place to spend the night and others were not happy with the conditions they found and the service. Could've been the service wasn't up to snuff because at the time the place was in financial trouble and the workers were worried they'd lose their jobs. Then last Feb. it got new owners, the major owner is the half-brother of Sen. Ensign of NV. He got the money from their father to buy the casino and merge it with the others he owns.

What struck me when we stopped there was the name change for the town. In the 70's I straddled the grey dog on a trip to the Bay Area. The bus stopped at the Stateline Casino for a short rest break (15-20 minutes). At the time I think the town on the Nevada side was called Stateline, NV. (Stateline Casino was bought some years back by David Ensign and renamed the Nugget which then bought the Red Garter).


  1. Cute kit, I don't recall the Red Garter Casino.

    Christmas of about 1990 Marie and I spent two nights there at the Hotel Six, the service then wasn't that good and I sent them a letter of complaint.

    As I recall they sent me a coupon for a big discount on the next stay at a Hotel Six, don't recall if I ever used it though.

  2. Interestingly, my expensive trucking atlas shows Wendover as being on the Utah side of the line.

  3. in texas it's a bullet to bite on and a shot of whiskey


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