Monday, April 4, 2011

After Birthers

This makes as much sense as those who still ask to see Obama's birth certificate.  It doesn't matter how much proof is given, official printout of certificate of birth from Hawaii , birth announcements in both Honolulu papers(I guess they phoned that in from Kenya), people saying they grew up with him and went to school with him, they still refuse to accept the facts.  Can you say "WILLFULLY IGNORANT" boys and girls???

What really gets me are the politicians that say, "I take him at his word that he was born in the United States, BUT I'm not going to tell anyone what to think."  Talk about trying to have it both ways, saying yeah I believe he's a citizen, but I won't contradict the foamers at the base of the party!!  Let's hope there are enough sane and rational people to vote these ASSHATS out of office.


  1. The quickest way to get a Republiteabagger's vote is to make a public stink about Obama's birth certificate. Even the most strident of the birthers knows the entire line of attack is horseshit, but because it annoys thinking people they can't help themselves.
    The good news is this cadre of lunatics and knuckle-draggers from the shallow end of the gene pool will ultimately doom the GOP nominee, because whomever is loony enough to survive the caucuses and primaries will be unelectable in November of 2012.
    Crazy sells, but it's hard to get elected on the Lunatic Fringe ticket... even in America.

  2. I switched to Firefox after trying for days to download Adobe Acrobat 9 on IE and having it crash on me every time. I contacted Adobe and they said try another browser. I like Firefox, though I did run into trouble for a few days after the last upgrade. The glitches seem to be gone now.
    I think my problem over the weekend was something related to ISP as Sunday morning and ever since all was well.

  3. did Nan tell you about the lengthy discussion we had on my facebook comment about birthers being idiots? of my very young friends argued on and on that there was something to it, anyone could fake a birth certificate..and nan gave tit for tat..till he said he didn't agree with her but liked her argument and wanted to know if they could be friends, cause he sorta liked her..I told him you'd like his now he's looking for a kid or sister of hers..haha

  4. @YDG, that was the inspiration for this post. He said that you should agrue facts not opinions, but when the facts are presented to him, he refuses to accept them because they don't agree with his opinions. Then after proving himself a fool, he asks if she would like to go out to dinner. First he would have to prove he doesn't ride the little bus and wear a helmut!!


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