Thursday, April 28, 2011


When it comes to my glasses, I'm still not a happy camper.  This is the second time I've gotten new lenses for the titanium frames that it I like.  Three years ago I got new lenses for my glasses at Lenscrafters and wasn't happy with the result.  The lenses were a bit small and until dirt built up between the frame and the lens, the lenses would pop out of the frame sometimes when I was cleaning them.  Then after a couple years the lens got discolored and weird around the edges.  Last year I got an eye exam and got new glasses.  Recently because I had the prescription and didn't need an eye exam, I decided to try again to get new lenses for the frames I like.  This time I went to VisionWorks.  After waiting over two weeks I got my glasses back.  The day they said my glasses would be ready, they were closed because of Easter(Fucking Bible-Bangers and their bluenose policies).  I guess the whole fucking mall was shut down.

At the top of the reflection of the flash is a flaw in the lens.

In this picture the flaw is barely visible in the shadow of the frame.
 Above are a couple pictures of one of the new lenses.  The day after getting them, I noticed a couple of flaws in the right lens.  One is in the middle of the bi-focal and there is also a star off to the side of the bi-focal.  It was hard to get a good picture of the lens and these two are the best of pictures I took.  Now I have to wait another two weeks for them to redo the lens.  Nobody keeps the lenses for my prescription in stock and they have to special order them.  And those Coke bottle bottoms they make them out of don't come cheap.

In all my years I've had more problems with getting glasses here than any other place in the country and I've gotten glasses in many places across this country.

At least at VisionWorks they didn't give any BULLSHIT like at Lenscrafters when I was told that maybe the frames are rusted(only ferrous metals rust, not titanium) and not be suitable to have new lenses.  At one place this time I was told that maybe the frames would not be strong enough to withstand the process of getting new lenses.  The frames are TITANIUM, one of the strongest metals there is and almost impervious to corrosion.  I hate people that think I'm dumber than they obviously are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hey Yooper, dumb is the normal standard in this country of poorly educated. I went to VIP auto shop two days ago because they had a two ton jack on sale. When I took the jack up to the counter the young man didn't want to sell it to me because it said 4,000 lbs on the box instead of two ton. He called a woman cashier over and she was insistent that the jack in the flyer was two ton and not 4000 lb. I kept telling them that 4000 lbs was two tons, but that didn's seem to compute for either of them. Finally, I matched the picture on the box with the picture in the flyer and was able to buy it at sales price.

    This is a perfect example of why so many working people are proud to vote Republican.

  2. @Ol'Buzzard, that stupidity works both ways. About 25 years ago while I was working on Lon gIsland and I went to a store and spotted a mechanic's drop light with a fluorescent bulb. I brought it up to the cashier and asked how much was it as I didn't see a price on it. The cashier didn't know but a bright young lad said, "I can look it up." He asked me what it was and I told him it was a drop light. The guy was looking for it on a computer printout and couldn't find it. Finally he found a 25ft drop cord and asked if that was it. I told him it had a 25ft cord and he said it was $6, so I bought it. One of the guys I worked with was with me and was pissed that it was the only one or he would have bought one or two.

  3. kulkuri,
    you may consider getting you eyes lasered. 20 seconds of discomfort per eye, a grand, no more glasses.

  4. I have been wearing bifocals since I was 14...I have yet to find a pair of glasses I like for the year or so that I wear them...ever.


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