Monday, May 5, 2008


Last week I picked up my new glasses at Lenscrafters. To say I am not impressed with Lenscrafters at this time is an understatement. First I had to argue with them to get new lenses put in my old frames. I was told that the frames may be corroded, they are titanium which is almost impossible to corrode. Then they screwed up somehow and had to reorder the work. They called several days after they were supposed to be done and said it would be a least another week. When I finally got them, I noticed they hadn't even cleaned the frames before installing the new lenses because the back of the nose pads were still dirty. Also when I went to clean them I noticed that the lenses were loose in the frames. I bought the my old glasses from Lenscrafters in Omaha and thought it would be no problem for Lenscrafters to make new lenses for frames that are their frames. That's what I get for thinking. I've never had a high opinion of this area and this did not improve it.

They didn't just lose one customer, they lost at least two. The Old Lady will be needing new glasses in the near future.

Also on the subject of glasses. Last Saturday we were shopping at a Kroger and decided to get a bottle of cleaner for eyeglasses. They had 6 feet of shelves from the floor to the top loaded with stuff for contacts. The only thing they had for cleaning eyeglasses was disposable wipes. How ignorant is that??


  1. I get by on just cheap reading glasses.

  2. I don't need glasses, I drink straight out of the bottle, I only need glasses to see where I'm going or what's coming at me!


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