Friday, May 2, 2008

Cold Air

This week I worked on my pickup fixing the air conditioning. The other week I went to Pull-A-Part and got a compressor. I wandered around in the yard until I found one that looked like it would fit my truck. I found two close to each other and looked over both and picked one over the other because the pulley spun without making any noise and I could turn the shaft with some resistance. It cost me a little over $26 because I paid for the 30 day warranty. Then the other day there was no need to use the truck and I changed out the compressors. When I was charging the system I discovered that the gauge on one of the cans of R-134a was off by about 30 psi on the high side. One gauge indicated that it was overcharged and the other one I have said it was barely in the normal range. I had to buy another can of R-134a as I didn't have enough and used the lower reading gauge to finish charging the system.
Now as the car ads in Omaha say it has Cold Air. As the truck is from Nebraska that is fitting.


  1. It never gets warm enough here to bother to fix my air conditioning. I spent many years as a master mechanic so I still have my own set of good gauges and a few special tools.

    And I owned a parts house in Utah when they started phasing out R-12 and I stocked up on it for about 3 bucks a can.

    I've recharged a few units around here and get 15 bucks a can. Hey, I'm the only one in the area with R-12. I guess that even spirit is willing to do a little illegal activity once in a while. :-)


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