Thursday, May 8, 2008

Glucose Tolerance Test

My doctor wanted me to do a glucose tolerance test, so yesterday I went to have it done. When one is at a major hospital in a large metropolitan area, it doesn't give one a good feeling when one goes in for a test and one hears the tech calling someone to ask how the test is done. (Neat, talking about self in the third person.) But first, when I got there and found the right place to check in (there are multiple buildings that are interconnected by a maze, I was lucky in that I had a guide to show me how to travel through the maze) the person I talked to called the lab and found there was no paperwork on me even tho the nurse had said she would fax it over that morning. After several phone calls the fax finally arrived. Then I went to the place where they draw blood. That's when I overheard the phone call asking how the test is to be done. Supposedly they draw some blood and check your blood-sugar. Then you drink some sugar water and they check your blood-sugar after one hour and after two hours. Well, a blood sample was drawn and over an hour later someone came with some solution for me to drink. The fact that it took over an hour to check my blood-sugar and figure out how much sugar water to give is amazing. My meter gives me a result in less than a minute. After that things went smoothly, but what I figured would take a little over two hours took over four hours. I got there just after 8am and didn't get out of there until after noon. All this after not eating since 8pm the night before. Who says bigger is better???

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