Wednesday, May 21, 2008


There is one candidate for Pres that has had socialized medicine his entire life. McCain was a Navy brat and then was in the Navy himself. Never had to worry about healthcare in his life but he insists that the rest of us should be on our own when it comes to healthcare. Even when he was a POW he had socialized medicine and it really was socialized medicine because when he did have medical treatment it was by the North Vietnamese government. Even tho his wife has a Gazillion Dollars he still has not given up his socialized medicine. If healthcare provided by the government is so bad, why is he still in the system?? He can afford to pay his own way when it comes to healthcare yet he still is sucking the government tit when it comes to healthcare. He says that the private sector should fix healthcare, but the private sector has been running healthcare forever and that is the problem. The private sector worries only about profit and very little about providing the care that patients need.

What really amazes me is that most of those opposing reform of healthcare have somebody else picking up the tab for their insurance and usually it is the taxpayers. They are willing to suffer with their healthcare but the rest us shouldn't even think of asking for what they have. If we were to strip Congress of their health benefits maybe they would be more likely to work for reform of healthcare.


  1. He (they) also have a damn good retirement plan.

  2. This country also has a good socialized health care plan. All you have to do is get on welfare, we provide good health care to hundreds of thousands of people, better care than we can get.

    I know all kinds of worthless people that we support in pretty good style, and we keep them alive so we can keep supporting them. What is with that?


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