Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Houston We Have a Problem??

The other week we went to Johnson Space Center in Houston. We toured the center and all of us (yours truly, The Old Lady and The Kid) agreed the one in Huntsville is much more interesting and has more stuff about the space program. I've been to four NASA centers and the ones in Houston and Cape Kennedy were the least interesting even tho that's were most of the action took place. 

 This is a mockup of the shuttle and later people will be able to go thru it.

 Mission Control Center was interesting, but not much was going on at the time. There were no new missions going on, only the International Space Station.

This shows the first space walk from the Gemini capsule.

This is the emblem for NACA, the predecessor of NASA. The NASA center at Langley was interesting not so much for the space stuff, but for the role NACA* played in the development of aircraft flight. 

Houston is an oil town and you would think gas would be cheaper there, WRONG!! Gas was cheaper about an hour north. The cheapest gas we saw on our whole trip was in the St. Louis area on our way home last week. The most expensive was around the Choctaw Casino in Oklahoma. It isn't bad enough that they take a person's money in the casino, they have to scalp them when they gas up to go home!!

*NACA stands for National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics.


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