Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tejas Has Some Strange Eggs

Last spring we went to West, TX. We had a Skunk Egg at The Pizza House. When we got to Tejas this time, The Kid said they have something called an Armadillo Egg at the local gas station. So naturally I had to try one.

                    This is the window at The Pizza House in West, Tejas advertising the Skunk Egg.

                                                    Picture of The Pizza House.
The Skunk Egg.

Cross section of the Armadillo Egg. It's a jalapeno pepper stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped with pork sausage and grilled.

The whole Armadillo Egg before I cut into it. It was edible but not as good as the Skunk Egg. The combination of spices is different than what I am used to. It seems like a local favorite and kinda like the spices in Boudin. I have tried Boudin and found I don't care for it. The combination of spices and pork parts like pork liver turn me off.

The Kid's ISP is still screwing things up when it comes to posting pictures on blogger. The way I got the pictures on this post was by uploading (worked fine, no problem loading the pictures on facebook) them to facebook in an album and then copying the URL for each picture and pasting it in blogger. 


  1. I don't have any problem uploading pictures to my posts, but it gets dicey if I want to change the positions of them.

    I don't do Facefuck, I don't have time to do a number of different sites cuz I'm always bizzy working on projects or going camping and boating and being involved in other things than fucking politics and football, two games I have no control over the outcome of.

    Or I'm reading...

  2. Armadillo egg? Pshaw. It does look like it came out of an animal, but it doesn't exactly have much of a resemblance to an egg, does it? I'm amazed anyone would want to eat something that looks like a dog turd.

  3. When a kid I had a turd eating dog.

    Going to be nice and sunny today, will be able to get a coat of paint on the new back wall of the pickup camper.

    How's the boating coming?

  4. About to park the boat for the winter. Need a different motor. I think the one I got froze and cracked as it is leaking water from places water shouldn't come from.

  5. My eight HP motor leaks from places it shouldn't come from but it never overheats so to hell with it, I'm not going to worry about it.

    But if you check with the boat dealers they often have decent buys on newer four cycle motors.


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