Friday, November 2, 2012


Stolen from Ramona

Pasty, rhymes with nasty, not hasty as those are nipple coverings and usually inedible!!

Made pasties again yesterday and while they don't look as pretty as those from a pasty shop, they turned out OK and taste good.


  1. And how do you know pasties-rhymes with hasties are not edible. It was my experience that the only problem was the tassels got stuck in my teeth.

  2. Darn, the subject line got me excited for a second.

  3. Well damn, Pasties that you eat. Who'd thunk? Makes an old man happy ;-)

  4. I went right to this post thinking I would see tits.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  5. They look pretty good to me. I haven't made them for a while but I grate my 'baga. Too hard to cut that damn stuff. Even the deer won't eat it that way. But gotta have 'baga. And butter. And ketchup. Lots of ketchup. (If you use gravy, just don't tell me, okay?)

  6. Of course they have to have rutabaga. This time it was fairly easy to cube using a big knife. I use ketchup (or is it catsup) and The Old Lady uses butter. Gravy? If I wanted a pot pie, I'd order one!!


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