Friday, January 11, 2013

Cellphone Photo

The other day I figured out how to get a photo from my cellphone to my confuser. I e-mailed it to myself and then saved it to the confuser. This photo was take about a year ago when I first got the cellphone. Just never had a reason to try to get it to the confuser. Didn't really have a reason to save this photo to the confuser, just wanted to see if I could do it in case I ever take some photos with the cellphone and want to get them on my confuser.

We had a lot more snow last winter than we've had so far this winter. Which is good because my plowtruck is broke down and all I have for snow removal is the snowblower and manual implements of destruction!!


  1. K!
    Yer ass claims to be a Yooper and you don't own a 4WD Or is that truck I see a 4 WD?.
    I have seeb worse snow that that at Grissom!



  2. K,
    Come on! You are a Yooper! Isn't that truck a 4WD?


  3. I got two 4wds, a '73 Dodge and a '79 Jeep plowtruck. The F-150 in the photo is my going to town truck and is a 2wd. (Don't need 4wd, they know how to plow the roads around here!!) The Dodge is my wood hauler and the Jeep has a snowplow, but I'm not using it this winter as it is broke down. Neither of the 4wds are licensed.

    We have less snow now than when this picture was taken a year ago. Later last winter there was plenty of snow, but this winter is off to a slow start snowwise.

  4. My cellphone doesn't take pictures, I have a camera for that. And everyone knows that my plow is a blade on my old riding mower.

  5. We are forecasted to get some freezing rain and sleet - after a bout of heavy rain and thunderstorms.



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