Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring Is Just Around The Corner????

These pictures were taken yesterday after it quit snowing. There is still snow in the forecast, but we've had a couple of nice sunny days.

 Dude, where's my car?? Anyone want to buy a '55 Chevy station wagon??
 How soon will we see apple blossoms??

At least I have more than enough firewood to last thru the heating season.


  1. Blizzard here last Sunday, resulting in 10 inches of the white shit. Then, 69 degrees yesterday. I look on it as a memo from the Mother Nature as a reminder of our minisculeness (sic) in the scheme of things.

  2. K,
    Yes, but I imagine that the pristine beauty is well worth it.


  3. Saskatchewan has record snow fall. Like 48, 56 and 74. I can vouch for the last two.


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