Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First Day Of Spring

 This was the scene this morning, peaceful, serene. Got several inches of fluffy snow overnight. Forecast is for 2-4 inches today and another inch or so tonight. This is why I never pay any attention to those lying groundhogs!!

The grader operator is beginning to think The Old Lady is stalking him. She's been taking pictures of him plowing our driveway all winter. Because the county road commission in this county still does driveway plowing for a fee, we don't have to worry about being snowed in. Because once you are off the list for driveway plowing you can't get back on it, we paid for several years when we weren't here in order to stay on the list as we knew we would be living here again.

Also this is why I didn't worry about fixing my plowtruck last fall when I had a problem with it. I'll wait until the snow is gone and the weather is warmer to fix it.  I need to pull the engine to change the motor mounts. Thought I could do it by just jacking up the engine a bit, but had a problem with a rusted bolt and will pull the  engine to get better access to remove the bolt.

This was put up on facebook by a local TV station this morning. I guess I was wrong about the amount of snow that we got last night. According to whoever called in to the TV station we got 8.4 inches. Well, like they say, snow is a lot like sex, you don't know how many inches you'll get or how long it will last!!


  1. I just moved about 14 inches out of my driveway this morning.

    I have a snow blower I bought from Sears about eleven years ago - and this summer I am going to have to do some maintenance on the drive assembly.

    I live on a dirt road and we have to hire a truck to keep the road open and every time he plows he closes up the enterance to my drive and the snow blower won't move it so i end up shoveling.

    Pain in the ass, but it is just a part of living in Maine. I wouldn't change it.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  2. Ol'Buzzard, I did a post on fixing the drive on my snowblower last summer.
    Hopefully there's some useful info there.


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