Wednesday, April 30, 2014

That Rich Old Fart That Owns The Clippers

Seeing what all is happening on the news, I'd love to be able to ask that old fart this age-old question.
Is the fucking you got worth the fucking you took????????


  1. He is a billionaire - he can buy another fuck. He probably gives a fuck.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  2. I don't follow sports or sports news, I see them as just a way to keep the monkeys distracted.

  3. When I first got a computer I had dial up and used NetZero as the provider... made myself a NetZero email address. Years after moving over to Comcast for Comcastic service (Bwahahahahahahaha....) I went back and looked at the Netzero email, and there were hundreds of messages! Amid all the spam and porn offers and other things were several emails from friends of mine who (for whatever reason) kept sending shit to the old email address.

    Now whenever I have to give an email address to get access to a site I use the old NetZero account. Might be problems there, but I've not be pestered yet.


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