Thursday, July 17, 2014

Stupid Shit Going Around on facebook

The other day the widow of a cousin posted this on facebook.
In less time than it takes to tell about it, I went to and typed in "Army cutting back to two meals a day in Afghanistan" and TA DA, got a result that said it was bullshit. (In the comment I just posted the link to what I got on In some areas they are cutting out hot breakfast and giving MREs for breakfast. In fact the troops can get up to four meals a day. Lunch and dinner are hot meals and breakfast and midnite chow are MREs.

Now I'm willing to bet whoever started this bullshit was hoping people would blame Obama for starving the troops, but anyone with even a rudimentary knowledge of how government works knows spending and appropriations start in the House. And who controls the House??


  1. K,
    Nothing like that surprises me anymore. How about closing some of those chushy-ass billets in Germany and retiring some brass first? Ukraine, Ukraine they scream....
    As far as the MRE's go - I have never tasted a good one and it is even worse; one of the major suppliers of the MRE is right here in Evansville - Ameriqual.
    Now, I can remember some boil in the bag turkey, peas, and creamed noodles that needed some Tabasco but wasn't bad...


  2. Well, I spent just over four years in the Navy, but not in any combat zones, so all I really know is that I ate really good during the time I served my country to protect the rich fucks interests.


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