Sunday, July 5, 2015

Here's A Thought

Can we have a holiday without people trying to suck up to the troops and veterans????????

Yesterday there were all kinds of people mouthing platitudes about thanking those that protect our freedoms. Fourth of July should be about celebrating our independence from Britain, not that there weren't any military involved in the war, but the Fourth is about signing the Declaration of Independence. No fucking shots were fired during that signing!!!!!!

There's a day for honoring the troops and veterans, it's called Veterans day. Not Memorial Day, that's for honoring those that died, whether in war or just a family member. Not the Fourth, that's about independence. I must have missed it, but I'm willing to bet someone, somewhere was talking about honoring those that protect our freedoms on Mothers Day!!!???

As a veteran I'm glad veterans are getting some recognition, but it has gotten to point where people are just going through the motions and it has become meaningless. The fact that NASCAR was paid millions to do patriotic shit to honor the troops doesn't help. (I've thought for a long time that the troops shown at races were being used!!)

At least there is no major holiday next month, so it'll be 2 months before a holiday gets mis-appropriated again!! (The Old Lady was saying this morning that there should be a Federal holiday every month so there would be a 3-day weekend. It would just add to the holidays when they do meaningless "salutes" to the military!!)

Talk about insult to injury, here's Ted Nugent  (the site is called USA Patriotism, a huge warning flag for me!!) being praised as a patriotic hero. That dirt-bag bragged about shitting in his pants for a week to avoid the draft!! If he was to try to thank me for my service, I'd spit in his face!! Maybe if he would say that he is doing shows for the military to compensate for his cowardice in avoiding the draft, I might have a better opinion of him, but probably not as he is a disgusting example of the worst kind of war-monger. All for it when he would no longer have to serve!!!!!

When you have assholes like this saying they support the troops, I have a tendency to look at things with a jaundiced eye!!

The irony is I have no heartburn about Clinton avoiding the draft, he was honest about it, he used his smarts to get deferred, didn't shit his pants because  he was scared, didn't have his daddy get him a safe spot in the National Guard, and didn't make snide remarks about having better things to do (like the rest of us didn't??)


  1. I agree.
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  2. I don't like people that didn't serve telling me how I have to live. I served so we can be free to live as we damn well please.

  3. BBC, you can do whatever you want as long as it doesn't infringe on me or mine!!

  4. You want to show your appreciation for the military then protest the wars in the Middle East. Lip service only serves to get the person talking noticed.

    I'm like you: I'm sick of people 'supporting the troops' when they have an audience.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  5. It bothers me that every damn holiday in this nation is turned into a flag waving. Even Christmas is by those who claim there is a war on Christmas and that the nation was built on Christian values therefore............and so on. I guess Easter hasn't been co-opted yet that I can see.
    Overall it is a slide toward nationalism to act like every holiday is a military flag waving event.


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