Thursday, September 10, 2015

It's Not Junk If You Eventually Can Use It

The Old Lady is always giving me shit about hanging on to junk. Several years ago when a coffeepot died, I pulled some of the parts out before pitching the coffeepot. I kept the heating element and the cord and switch. This morning the current coffeepot didn't work. When the power button was pushed a little light came on, but nothing happened. The Old Lady dug out her French press and made coffee with it. Before supper I took the coffeepot into my shop and took a look at it. I ran a continuity check on the heating element and it checked out. Then I dug out the coffeepot parts that I had saved.

 Not sure what this is, but it was attached to a metal plate attached to the heating element. When I ohmed it, I got nothing. When I checked the one in the parts bag, it had continuity. So I pulled this one out and with some modification because the other one was slightly different in size, I got it working. I plugged it in and checked to see if it would heat up. When it did, I unplugged it and brought it back to the house, put water in it and turned it on. It worked like it usually does, not very fast, but all the water ran thru and was hot in the pot.

Another view of the part.
Tomorrow morning will be the real test to see if it works. I am confident it will, the only question is how long will it last.


  1. It's a thermostat.
    You'd think it'd work if the specs are the same. The question is whether the original part failed due to old age or because something else failed and that put too much strain on it (thinking of power supply capacitors, etc.).

  2. Because it was where it got heat from the heating element I figured it had something to do with the burner heat.

    Jackiesue, it worked fine this morning, no need for the fire dept. Besides, by the time they would get here from town, it'd be too fucking late. We live 10 miles from the nearest fire dept.

  3. I'm selling a nice old analog oscilloscope at the community rummage sale tomorrow. Wanna buy it?

  4. Jono, No. When it comes to electrical shit I think it is FM (Fucking Magic)!!

  5. Looks like a hear overload switch. If the pot gets too hot or draws too much current the thing shuts the pot down - a one time use.

    then again, I could be wrong.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  6. My father had a yard full of junk he was going to use some day. after he died, my brother had the task of cleaning up the place. Several semi-loads of scrap iron were hauled to IPSCO to be made into pipe. That left the big machine shed full of junk but another brother took care of that with 40 year old extension cords and sawdust. Just sayin'.

  7. It is a thermostat of sorts, it is a 'snap-disc', after the water runs through and makes the coffee it turns the heater off, for a while, when it cools to a certain value it snaps and turns the heater back on to keep the coffee hot, it keeps cycling enough to keep the coffee hot.


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