Friday, June 8, 2018

Running Boards

Many years ago when running boards that you could add to a modern truck first came out, I thought they were kinda stupid. I thought at the time if you wanted running boards get an old truck that had them as original equipment. Then as I had a truck that had running boards on it when I bought it and I got used to them. It did make it easier to get up into the truck. After that truck I bought one that didn't have running boards and after a while I started thinking about getting running boards for it. The problem was that getting up into the seat wasn't as easy as when I was younger. If I got my ass up high enough to get on the seat, half the time I hit my head on the top of the door opening. When I mentioned I was looking for running boards to a friend, he said he had some that I could have. Turned out they were the kind I was looking for and the price was right, FREE!!

Then it was just a matter of figuring out how to mount them on my truck as there wasn't a mounting kit with them. Thought I could bolt angle iron to the frame, but then I needed something to support the angle out closer to where the running board would be. Was thinking of doing a strap from the angle to the body, but then thought maybe a long bolt would work and sure enough that worked.

Now I can step up on the running board and sit down on the seat, no more hitting my head on the door opening.


  1. I never understood why they are called running boards. Anyone I asked didn't have a real answer. So, not having thought about it for about about a 100 years, I just now Googled it. According to Wikipedia..."The origin of the name running board is obscure". Well, crap.

  2. When the originals fell off of my 3/4 ton I replaced them with treated 2x6s. Painted them black and attached them with modified scrap I had in the garage. The work well.

  3. I have had running boards on most of my trucks and as you get older they become more important. Perhaps they were named because back when you could run along side the car or truck and then jump onto the running board for a short ride - but probably not.
    the Ol'Buzzard


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