Monday, August 13, 2018

Progress On Guppy Project

The front window in the bunk area over the cab has been a problem with it leaking. Finally decided to eliminate the window.
The window that was leaking.

Some of the rotten wood I discovered when I removed the paneling.
I had some metal left from when I covered the fascia on the house. It is white so figured it would work to cover the window area. Simple deal, I worked with sheetmetal most of my working life. But when I removed the paneling on the inside saw that there was a lot of rotten wood from almost 30 years of leaks.

Rotten wood out and new wood going in.
Most of the new wood in place and supports for the metal to replace the window.
The pieces going across were one piece originally, but I had to do two pieces and splice them together in order to get them in place.

Inside with metal in place.

Outside with metal in place.
After I got the metal in place it rained the next morning. When I checked for leaks, the only place it was leaking was two of the marker lights.

Now I need to insulate and panel the inside. I got a sheet of 1½ inch Styrofoam and a sheet of ½ inch R board. And a sheet of vinyl to cover it all.

Need to get some trim pieces to cover the edges. Thought I had a bunch of "daisies" for the screws to hold the vinyl in place. I know I had a some in a jar with screws from the ceiling of the single-wide trailer I took apart about 12 years ago. At this point I can't find them, so I will paint some body washers white and use them.


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