Tuesday, August 21, 2018

It's Done

Finally finished the project on The Guppy. Can't believe it took a month to do. Anywho, it is done.

First part of the insulation.

The R board to cover the other insulation.
The project is done.
The front part will be the best insulated area of the whole motorhome. There are 2 inches of Styrofoam in the area where the window was.

When I went to take pictures of the finished project on the inside I couldn't get a clear picture with the newer camera (14 Megapixel), got a better picture with the older digital camera (3.2 Megapixel). It didn't matter if I used the flash or not the newer camera did not focus, the picture came out fuzzy and I couldn't get the pictures looking good with the confuser.

The brown spot on the right side ceiling is some old water damage. The Old Lady is going to cover it with some old topo maps.


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