Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Last year at this time I was still building the woodshed. This year it's full of dry firewood.
 The tree in the background is a popple (some may call it a poplar or aspen) that I dropped last year (2011). This summer I cut, split and piled the wood from that tree. Started burning the wood from that tree when the weather got cold enough to have a fire in the stove. I am now burning the last few pieces of wood and will either use up the last pieces today or tomorrow. I'm surprised how long it lasted, but it was a big tree, about two tiers ( a tier is a pile 4ft by 8ft by stovewood length or 1/3 of a full cord) of wood or as some would say, two face cords.
Now I will start burning the wood stored in my woodshed (more like a roof over the woodpiles). This woodshed is full and I have another one that's half full.  With the amount of wood I have cut, split and stored and with a very efficient stove, I don't have to worry about not having enough wood to last the winter even if it is nine months like the jokes say (nine months of winter and three months of rough snowmobiling!!). I might have enough for two winters and if that's the case I hope I can stay a year ahead by cutting enough firewood next year for the following year.

Altho, if we are to believe the Mayan calendar, it only has to last until Friday!!!


  1. I used lumber cover siding on my hay shed for years. Awesome stuff.

  2. A nice woodshed, but looks like you started building it a little late.

    i burn three cord a year. heating with firewood somehow keeps me connected with the earth...heat doesn't come out of some electronic, magical furnace...it comes from harvesting the wood around me. It is like eating from a garden...it feels more natural.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  3. The lumber wrap I got free at a local lumberyard. They give it away so they don't have to burn it or figure out some other way to get rid of it. I heard of someone that made an icefishing tent out it. As long as it isn't ripped or have holes in it, it would make a good windbreak.

    I got an early start on it last year. I started clearing the site during the summer. It just stretched out over many months as there were other projects that seemed more important at the time.


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