Wednesday, December 12, 2012


A thought occurred to me after my state jumped on the bandwagon to reduce wages and benefits for workers through out the state.

A question to the greedy motherfuckers running this country. What are you going to do when you drive wages down to the point where we are on par with Mexico and the Mexicans no longer come here to provide the cheap labor that this country is so desperate to have???? Also, what's going to happen when the workers can't afford to buy anything?????


  1. Everyone will have to learn to live on as little as I do. That will actually benefit the earth because poor folks aren't as destructive.

  2. Perhaps this is the Republican plan for Hispanics self deportation - workers paid more in Mexico.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  3. I think that is the final stage of the U.S. becoming a third world country.

  4. Ol'Buzzard, you're the only one that caught the drift of my question. The rich motherfuckers ain't going anywhere because wages are low and they ain't going to cut back. They can still afford to live wherever they want and afford to buy anything they want. It's the workers that are getting fucked and have been for decades. 1973 was the high point for wages in this country, if someone had told me in 1973 that this is as good as it gets, I'd have told them they were fucking nuts!!


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