Saturday, February 9, 2013

Coffee Mugs

 Try finding a cup-holder in any vehicle that this travel mug will fit into. Bought this at a Tim Horton's donut shop in Ottawa, Ontario in '98. The donuts are pretty good. (Heard they were opening some shops in this country a couple years back, just googled it and there are a bunch around in the states. The closest one to me would be in the Canadian Soo.) That was the last time I was in Canada, just passing thru on our way to Maine and we took the straightest route. That was back before you needed a fucking passport to get back in this country!!

 It has some kind of non-slip thingie on the bottom to prevent it from sliding around on the dash or whatever flat surface you have in your car.

 This one will fit in the cup-holders in The Old Lady's car. The only ones that fit in the cup-holders in the car are the skinny ones. A 20oz pop bottle barely fits, you have to shove it in
 This one fits the cup-holders in my truck. I like this style and have ones from several truckstops.

 Not sure if this one will fit in any cup-holder, but a 12oz pop can or beer can will fit inside it.


  1. I seldom use the cup holder in my truck but my favorite coffee cups are a couple of stainless steel cups Mary gave me that I use for camping.

    I also have a really big cup I bought when trucking that will hold a whole pot of coffee.

  2. " Not sure if this one will fit in any cup-holder, but a 12oz pop can or beer can will fit inside it." HAHAHAHAHAHAHA...wid ya!

  3. I just found some more of Dad's old coffee urns. You know, it is hard for meto toss things that belonged to Dad.
    It the recycle bin they went.

    Me, never tasted coffee in my life.


  4. Roads are too bad to drink and drive, even coffee. Even passengers can't manage it in a spill proof cup. boo!


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