Sunday, February 3, 2013

Thought Of Sarge When I Read This

Sarge, is this why you go across the river and get your chicken from a grocery store????????????


  1. You are nasty and by damn! This is the Sabbath too! Now, I took my darling mother to church this morning but refarined from going inside for fear of a bolt of lightning striking my degenerate ass dead on the spot.
    Once sevices were over and she was in the truck - She announced that she wanted chicken from that place in Henderson.
    Now, being fair - I am not of the darker skinned race but I am aware of those folk's fondness for fried chicken. And, Dad learned about the chicken at the Sureway from those men of color who worked with at the museum who told him about the chicken across the river.
    Dad told me. Trust me - It beats KFC, Popeyes, and Church's!
    Now as to the center cut meat - Does it smell like chicken or stale tuna?

    Ravens by a field goal...




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