Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Is This Guy An After-Birther????

Was going to do a post on icefishing ( maybe later), but saw an article this morning that shocked the shit out of me. The Ass-Whole that is supposed to represent me in the state senate has come out with an unbelievably stupid remark. He's wondering why nobody is looking into where Obama was born?? What fucking rock has he been hiding under??  He won't be happy until Obama comes up with the placenta.

This guy needs something stronger than Advil!! Unfortunately there is no pill to cure STUPID!!

What pisses me off is he is insulting me and the rest of the Yoopers with this shit. How fucking stupid does he think we are???????

It's funny when some tea-bagger says some stupid shit in another state. You just shake your head and say to yourself, "I'm glad I don't live in that state!!"  But not only is this guy in my state, he's from the same region of the state.  Only a couple of counties away.

It's all shits and giggles until someone giggles and shits!!!!!!

(Had to rearrange things as everything after the Raw Story embed the rest of my pictures and comments were left off the post. The ads are from Raw Story not me.)
Click on read more to see the rest of the article and listen to the audio of the radio show.

Michigan Republican: ‘Strange’ no one is looking into Obama’s birthplace (via Raw Story )
Michigan state Sen. Tom Casperson, a Republican, said Tuesday he wasn’t sure whether President Barack Obama was born in the United States. “I don’t know because it seems like that issue was dropped immediately as far as the major media went,” he said on Michael Patrick Shiels’ radio show. “…


  1. And you ask yourself - who the hell voted for him? That is a question that haunts me every time i see one of the stupid elected officials.
    Teachers have to pass a test. Lawyers have to pass a test. Doctors have to pass a test. Yet, these people have more power over us than any of the above: why don't they have to pass a literacy test before taking office?
    the Ol'Buzzard

  2. I'm satisfied that he was born in Hawaii as stated many times, these other fools just need to move on. Ya should have done the ice fishing story.

  3. That is too close! I can see Michigan from my deck (on a clear day). How much do the good people of Michigan pay this maroon?

  4. Jono, most days we can listen to your radio station, WTIP.


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